Foam Free Arranging

Foam Free Flower Arranging

The challenge for my Confidence Builders (Group 1) class this week was to create a traditional moss filled chicken wire form and use it instead of green floral foam to support their flowers.

I had done research in old floristry books to see how this was done in the past and come up with a method for them all to try. We had to have the right kind of moss, the right kind of chicken wire and practice wiring the flowers into the frame. It was fascinating to (read more)

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Jardin Blanc at Chelsea Flower Show

Exhibiting at Chelsea Flower Show is an addictive thing. It becomes an essential part of your horticultural year. I've exhibited there with my previous company, Hilliers, for 22 years as part of a fabulous team with decades of experience and an unrivalled record. 

When I left Hillier last summer I knew I would return to Chelsea as I am a judge for the RHS. What I didn't know was that I would be back this year.  Early in the year I was approached to be part of a team of three Gold Medal winning designers that Andrew McIndoe was putting together. 

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country house new years eve wedding

One of the lovely parts about working as a studio florist, that's a florist without a physical shop, is that you are free to take on freelance projects as and when they crop up. You tend to build up a network of other florists who are familiar with your work and who can call on you when they get a big project that needs extra pairs of hands.

This week saw me winding my way through the Hampshire countryside to a beautiful private house. Andy McIndoe had been called in to turn the blank canvas into a fairytale country house wedding. That needed a bigger team than usual so eight of us assembled early in the morning to start conditioning and sorting flowers as they arrived from the wholesalers. 


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living poinsettia dress

December 12th 2015, is International Poinsettia Day, celebrating this most expressive of Christmas plants.

Funnily enough one thing I really do know about is poinsettias, having been plant buyer for the Hillier Garden Centre Group for 27 years I was the person responsible for finding the best poinsettias, working out how many we needed, getting them into store and then back to the customers home without mishap and making sure we sold everything we had bought.

So when I left Hillier this summer I thought my poinsettia days were over, But a quick call from PR guru Liz Anderson and I found myself back in the middle of the most fabulous poinsettia nursery, Hills Brothers, in the wilds of Chichester earlier this month.

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Christmas is Coming

Every florist relies on great flowers to allow them to create the most beautiful designs. Flowervision in Southampton are my regular supplier and while I dash in and out picking up orders and browsing for flowers daily, a special open day is always a treat.

Last week it was time for Fred and Andy's Christmas Open Day. This gave me a chance to see all their latest sundries - rustic baskets, colourful glass containers, delicious velvet ribbons and everything I need for wreaths and table designs over Christmas.

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The Starting Line

Every business has to start somewhere and you are joining me at the beginning of my journey. My posts are going to be just like me: slightly rambling, hopefully with a little humour and all about flowers.

This week has been a bit scary really. My website is set up, the press releases have gone out, I did a launch piece on Radio Solent, I have been pounding the pavements of Southampton putting postcards through doors, My posters adorn various locations round Southampton and my first beginners classes started on Friday evening. 

It was a week to stop and draw breath and see how far I have got. I suspect what I really learnt is how far I have to go! It was also a chance to take a little time out and relax with my eldest daughter returning to uni on Friday.

Salisbury Cathedral was my first destination this week

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